Ground works

Ground works are initial works in any construction. It is done to prepare a land and its sub-surfaces for the start of a construction work. Usually, ground works include multiple steps like ground investigation, site clearance, substructure, ground stabilisation, site services and landscaping. Be it your house or office construction, ground works create the base upon which the entire building stands. Hence, it needs utmost care and precision. Hence, you need a reputed construction company to serve you with the best quality production material, proper supervision and a quick process within a low budget.

The first step ground investigation identifies the past land uses and plans the needful accordingly. It also investigates the land stability and potential problems so as to provide a flawless work. Once the investigation data is accumulated, the designers find out the best possible solutions to cover-up the damage for their construction. The next step site clearance prepares the land for further construction. Depending upon the lay of a land, it adds or removes required levels. The third process soil nails is based upon the drilling of steel bars whereas the fourth step incorporates ground anchors to strengthen the land further. The former steps finally prepare the land for walls to built-in.

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